The h2o Architects  have just finished designing the interior of a ski resort apartment in Menuires, France. Their “impossible mission” was to enlarge the living area, without touching the structure.  The “out of the box” type of thinking helped them perceive the apartment differently than some would on a regular basis. Here is what they had to say about this subject: “To maximise the rather tight and constricted space, we chose to inverse the way of seeing it. Rather than trying to fit the furniture into the apartment, we decided to fit the apartment into the furniture!” 

The apartment is located in a 1965 building, accommodating 2 bathrooms, 8 beds, a cooking area and a living room. In order to prove the impossible, the architects chose a furniture-wall, very functional and spacious. Basically, the furniture defines the apartment. The core of it is dedicated to the snowy white living room, offering a fantastic panoramic view upon the mountains. The curved wall is entirely wrapped in American walnut plywood. The entire concept developed by the architectural firm spins around  the winter wood cabin. They tried to capture the coziness of the spot and create a unique homey atmosphere. Interesting and provocative, the apartment puts at your disposal a variety of sleeping nooks. We heard that finding your cushy corner after a full day of skiing, could simply be the best feeling in the world!