The FVArquitectos firm has done a marvelous job with this exquisite modern house located in Quinta Patino, Portugal, managing to integrate “chunks” of the outdoor into the house’s internal configuration. They have imagined several openings and they extended the rooms to the outside zones, creating the effect of a breezy, extensive habitable space. On one hand, the house is bordered by an irregular rock cliff, offering a very interesting view for those who got bored of a regular neighborhood site and on the other, you’ve got mature trees and rich vegetation embellishing the courtyard. A lap pool is also integrated in the courtyard’s plan, running parallel with the house’s rectangular structure.

It’s interesting how the architects chose to bring the nature inside. Beside the interior courtyards, connected to the outdoor environment through massive plank wood doors, the ground floor accommodates open spaces, without the additional window protection. The vegetation sneaks inside, making the human feel more connected to its natural habitat through vegetation walls. The upper ground windows are all protected with hardwood shutters. The wooden staircase connects the floors, leading you to the bedrooms and the office area. Except one, all the upper rooms facilitate access to a private terrace. Returning to the outdoor space, the outdoor private space shelters a mini soccer field. The courtyard can easily be called the entertainment and relaxation area, offering a variety of fun things to do: from swimming to soccer, lounge area or meditation. The house’s neutral grey colour is adorned with the nature’s authentic green power glam.  Is this something you would choose for your home?