Have a look at this incredibly shaped residence envisioned by Ido, Kenji Architectural Studio in Osaka, Japan. Structured on three levels, the minimalist modern project was especially developed to serve the needs of a family with two children. The shape of the building is truly impressive and completely adapted to its narrow 43.21 square-meter site. Large windows seem to open up the residence towards its landscape, while flooding the home in natural light.

Here is more from the architects: “The client’s former house, which stood on this site, was a wooden two-storey house. The adjacent sites were closed and natural light didn’t enter into the old house. Therefore the client requested the family room (living area, dining area and kitchen) to be as large as possible without pillars or load-bearing walls, and that natural light entered the house, especially the family room. Since the site was narrow, the volume of the building took up as much of the site as possible. The parents’ bedroom was placed on the ground floor, the family room on the first level, the rooms of children on the second floor and the terrace was placed on the roof“. What do you think are the perks and downsides to living in a home like this?