We were recently sent photos and information about the Cricket, a luxury folding table created by Folditure’s head designer, Alexander Gendell. Just like the Leaf, a chair we posted a while back on Freshome here, the Cricket opens easily with one simple movement. Based on a completely new folding geometry and locking mechanism, the Cricket’s planar components move in sync from a flat position to a structurally rigid, three dimensional frame. In essence, all the table owner has to do is hold it by its hanging hook, rest the legs on the floor and gently push the table top down as it pops open. A single Cricket is designed to seat two people. Multiple tables can clip together to form dining room tables of unlimited length. Like the Leaf, at only 3/4 of an inch thick when folded and under 24 inches wide, the Cricket can hang in a closet or on the wall. Find its design appealing? [Photos and information sent via e-mail by Folditure]