Welcome to a beautiful Scandinavian apartment characterized by elegance and warmth. Seen on Alvhem, this two room design wonder is located in the neighborhood of Orgryte, Gothenburg, Sweden and has a total surface of 55 square meters. As you can observe in the photos below, its overall layout inspires plenty of space, due to the light color palette and tasteful furniture choices. The small-to medium-sized apartment preserves some of the charming decades-old details belonging to its picturesque building dating back to 1928.

The sober white walls inspire an immaculate atmosphere, disrupted only by the colorful decorative pillow, paintings or flower arrangements. The  cozy feel is further enhanced by the exposed beams and inclined walls, defining this lovely attic apartment located on the third floor of the traditional Swedish building. Throughout the day, natural light floods the house due to the numerous well placed windows, while creative light fixtures ensure a pleasant indoor atmosphere as soon as darkness takes over.