Barrier Island House is a project designed by Sanders Pace Architecture and completed in 2012. The residence is located in a modest 1950’s neighborhood, in Vero Beach, Florida, offering a stunning view upon the natural landscape. Rich in details, the scenery is this house’s big plus. The waterfront, the oaks surrounding the building, everything inspires peacefulness and relaxation. The clients got fascinated with the site and as they started to use Barrier Island House as a permanent house, certain improvements had to be made. The structure was about 50 years old and it definitely needed a blast of new. After a brief analysis, the architects decided to change the original house plan by adding a loft level while focusing on connecting the outdoors with the indoor living space.

As we previously mentioned, the vegetation has a significant role in defining the atmosphere: the palms and the oak trees adorn the entrance. Besides the concrete used in restoring the structural system, cedar and dark brick create a stunning visual effect, embellishing the house. The interior is very modern, with plenty of opened spaces and wide windows. The transparence creates depth emphasizing this house’s solar halo. A very glossy inside, white furnishing and lightweight colours define the interior. The house is the result of reshaping an old concept by adding elements of contemporary design. Would you make this your permanent home?