Artists Christophe Berdaguer and Marie Péjus revamped the facade of a building in Delme, a village located in North-Eastern France.  Entitled Gue(ho)st House, the new structure (part of a property belonging to the Centre d’art Contemporain-La Synagogue de Delme) serves as a gallery, studio and event space. The unusual name of the futuristic project was inspired by artist Marcel Duchamp’s wordplay project: A Guest + A Host = A Ghost and pays tribute to the prior functions of the building- prison, school and funeral home.

The two designers revamped the existing structure by employing thick white layers of polystyrene, resulting in original exterior walls, with seemingly liquid features. With the objective of creating “a veritable architectural phantasmagoria”, the artists envisioned a project  in tune with modern trends, yet exuding a strong personality. Different and surprising no matter what the standpoint, the new studio/exhibition space will probably soon become an interesting exhibit itself for tourists across France. How would you comment on its architecture?

prior to renovation