The FF House, located in Zapopan, Mexico, has been recently completed by the architectural firm Hernandez Silva Arquitectos. Playing with volumes and mixing concrete and wood, the architects developed an interesting residential project. Betting on the integration of natural elements, their intention was to create a breezy indoor gateway. The living room area displays an amazingly high ceiling, providing more space. Parts of the walls are replaced with glass, creating a transparent effect in order to display a wider view upon the turf. The entrance is connected to the living room by a flat water surface. The furnishing is poor in bold colours. A palette of neutral colours seemed more appropriate to create a shelter that focuses on the importance of bringing shades of natural elements inside the house, than a bright vivid exposure of colours.

The dinning room area is connected to a small and discrete kitchen. Nicely space-like shaped chairs embellish this area, unveiling a very contemporary look. A surprising grass layer can be admired while passing through a narrow long corridor. Basically a transparent piece of glass has replaced the lower part of the wall,  bringing it closer to your visual proximity. By playing with volumes and shapes, the architects managed to create a beautiful home, emphasizing the need of indoor plants to create a breezy and lively atmosphere.