Elton+Leniz Arquitectos Asociados completed the design for Ranco House, a modern residence with an original architecture located in Lago Ranco, Chile. Built around various native trees, the project is well adapted to its natural surroundings and makes the most of the privileged site. The house is composed of two volumes connected by a bridge, resulting in an intriguing overall exterior appearance. Shingles and wood were the main materials used, thus responding to the typical building language in this south part of Chile.

According to the architects, “the result is a mix between a typical southern barn and a contemporary house, taking care of the integration of interior and exterior, in which, like a tree house, the house takes a privileged position facing the landscape“. Showcasing an intimate and cozy feel, the interiors feature rustic details throughout. Wooden beams, ladders and highly original decorations make this a dreamy place of refuge from the worries of day to day life. Enjoy strolling through the photos and tell us if you enjoy the layout and overall design showcased by this home.