We ran across this unusual, yet highly elegant design, envisioned by Jack Frost, an upcoming industrial designer from Perth, Western Australia. The Terranos Cabinet presents an original undulating exterior and five drawers for storage. Believe it or not, the exterior of the cabinet is inspired by the beautiful natural contours of Australian topography. According to the designer, these were further manipulated into a geometric form and the front drawer cut-outs are overlaid aerial photographs taken from satellite imagery.

Furthermore, “the name Terranos is an amalgamation of the Latin terms Terra and Novus that translate into Modern Land”.  The special shape of the cabinet (discovered on Plastolux) does not allow objects to be placed on top, which is not necessarily a downside, especially when dealing with spacious interiors. We are curious to read your reactions concerning the design of this furniture piece in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Would you be interested in having this cabinet in your home? Where would you place it?