OmasC arquitectos designed a functional and bright house, ideal for families that have children nearby the sea, on the Northern Coast of Spain. Marking the boundaries between public and private, a large wooden gate serves as an entrance. A narrow paved alley meanders through the green courtyard and then it stops. You’re at the entrance. As your steps wriggle on the alley and search for imposing details, the house raises on a small plot of land, luring you to step inside. The architects played with volumes and different angles and eventually completed a residence that houses a kitchen, a living room and a dining room on the ground floor and three bedrooms on the first floor.

The inside is welcoming, as expected. The wide windows adorned with translucent blinds surprise with their omnipresence. Each room is flooded by the natural light, creating through such a simple detail, an optimistic and luminous space. The architects choice to insist on the wooden details was really inspiring. Different types of wood populate the entire space, creating a game of shades and contrasts. Glossy glass and plastic that imitates the glass fabric are spread all around the dining room area. A chandelier hanging from the ceiling inspires an elegant sobriety. Like we previously mentioned, it’s all about the wooden details. The facade shelters wood strips and the terrace’s floor resembles to a spacious room, only without a roof on top. A simple composition of volumes, mixing elements of contemporary design transform a house project into a beautiful and cozy family home. Just take a look and share your opinion with us: