Minimalism in interior design is usually associated with soberness, a high level of practicability and lack of personality. But we ran over an interesting apartment design in Moscow, which seems to defy some of the rules. White Cube was envisioned and implemented by Sergey Nasedkin and Anna Ulyanova (principals of Russian studio ARCH.625) and showcases an interesting mix of materials and decorations, spiced up with daring colors.

The original apartment has a total surface of 861 square feet (about 80 square meters), yet its layout and design inspires space throughout. White walls define the interiors and wood is partially employed to create stunning visual contrasts. Natural light during the day is ensured by various windows in key places, while subtle lighting in the ceilings contribute to an “alert” atmosphere during the evenings and night time. But for us, the highlights of this apartment are the decorations, seamlessly blending in the overall composition. What is your stand on this apartment design? See any particular details you enjoy?