We would like to dedicate this post to all of you guitar enthusiasts out there who consider washing dishes a drag. Even though a guitar sink – as original as it may be- can not change this situation, it can definitely bring a cheerful touch to the process. Fabricated by a creative mind at Pearidge Concrete & Crafts, this is the sort of design that leaves plenty of room for further improvising- just imagine how many shapes you could create with a nice looking counter-top and some carving skills!

According to the designer, the story behind the unusual guitar sink goes like this: “The client needed a sink for outdoor use and wanted a custom one of a kind piece. This is an outdoor sink sitting on a custom rustic cabinet made from salvaged wood from older homes. It is 8 foot long, with lots of counter top space”.¬† Seems easy enough, right? Even though these particular models were especially developed for the great outdoors, we can’t see any reason why any of them cannot adorn a modern kitchen, can you?