We recently received photos and information about an intriguing Brazilian furniture store envisioned by Albus, a design company from Brazil. Here is a statement from the creative team: “Happiness is the  magic that turns everything into gold”. In this mood, we created for furniture store Gobbi Novelle, from Porto Alegre, southern Brazil, its newest theme. The campaign is called “Favela Rica”, translated roughly into “Rich Shanty Town”. The unusual begins to show itself on the storefront, painted entirely in gold. Our idea was a play between the extremes of wealth and poverty, without giving up on happiness, sophistication and humor. Still in the storefront, details created with pink plywood typically found in construction sites and zinc roof shingles, contrast vividly with castle flags that announce the store’s campaign theme.”

On the facade, in the dining room, a large Swarovski crystal chandelier shares the spotlight with a Last Supper image, a typical decoration of the slums. Except this one is a three meters wide reproduction of American photographer David Lachapelle’s Last Supper, with a very large label marking it as a counterfeit. Whoever ventures forth into the showroom will find a large living space divided between two moods: the wealthy side, with fabric covered walls, boiserie and large windows that reveal a meager slum. On the other side, decaying walls, worn fabric and torn curtains expose a beautiful garden overlooked by a castle.To make the campaign more interesting, the store will donate some of the profits to a shanty town in Porto Alegre. [Photos and information sent via e-mail by Albus]