Defying the windy climate of Rocas Santo Domingo, Chile, the Rock House was designed by UN Arquitectura as a sturdy beach resort, perfect for summer family getaways. The exterior of the residence showcases an intriguing junction of shapes and volumes, inspiring soberness due to the color choice and functionality, as the result of the materials used. Concrete and wood were employed to divide the levels of the house visually, this design approach also providing the project with a strong personality.

Structured on two levels, the Rock House accommodates the public areas on the first level, while the upper floor hosts the bedrooms. Defined by extensive use of wood and generous windows throughout, the interiors give away a sense of warmth, somewhat contrasting the seriousness inspired by the main facade. Well picked furniture items and subtle color additions are also elements that contribute to the overall welcoming feel. The entire residence seems to orbit around a central patio, providing a privileged green space for the inhabitants. What’s a holiday without spending quality times outdoors listening to the sounds of the waves anyway?