In the greenest region of Galicia, Spain, in a small village, lost somewhere in Costa Da Morte, lies an enchanting traditional hotel, called Lugar do Cotariño. The historical building has been restored by the two owners, Alberto Cuervo and Julia Flores, after they fell in love with the place and decided to create a perfect spot for relaxation, emphasising the importance of it. More like a house than a hotel, the spot is ideal for those who feel overwhelmed by the daily routine. Away from the exhausting lifestyle and embracing the beauty of simplicity, the owners imagined a hotel that respects the traditional lines of the area, without trying to cut off the village’s architectural harmony.

For most of finishings, the owners have used hardwood, ceramic tiles and stone. Made entirely of authentic stone and adorned with simple wooden furniture, the house accommodates people eager to taste the local flavour. The sea of green eucalyptus, invading the surroundings is a pure delight for the mind and soul. Precious wooden beams, perceived as authentic details of décor and fantastic precision in execution and here we are, standing in front of a seven rooms hotel. Accommodating two suits, two dinning rooms and a spacious living room,  Lugar do Cotariño is a small, but very bright and tranquil place to spend your vacation, disconnected from the chaotic daily motion. Due to attention given to details, the food is excellent and the service impeccable.