A trip to Singapore and here we are, in one of its most exclusive districts, Bukit Timah, admiring the JKC 1 House, designed by a very interesting firm of architecture, ONG&ONG. A high class residence, adorned with natural elements, that compose a balanced Feng Shui environment, ideal for those who want to feel reconciled with their inner selves and prefer a peaceful lifestyle. The JKC 1 is a mix of contemporary refinement and Asian healing elements. The nature spreads and blossoms all around the house, becoming an important part of it.

The ground floor accommodates the living room and the dining room, offering an amazing view upon the front lawn. The daring thing and the element of surprise is the lack of windows, so basically the breezy air and the sunlight penetrate the living area, without boundaries. Besides the recharging doze of green, the house unveils a stunning swimming pool, right in front of the opened space. The transition from the interior environment to the exterior landscape is made through a wooden floor terrace, spreading like an extension of  the house. The stairs, that connect the floor ground with the upper level reveal an interesting concept : “café latte”. The lower part of it is wrapped in white marble and the upper side in appealing brown wood. Wandering through the house, another staircase attracts the attention. Playful and meandering, it carries you from a feng shui spot, with small pebbles, rocks and slender trees up to the roof top. It’s kind of odd, but delightful. The roof top is a plain terrace, ideal for social gatherings, with friends and family.