If you recall, not too long ago we featured a post on Freshome with Google’s new London headquarters which occupies the Central St. Giles Building in the city’s Covent Garden area. Today we would like to present one particular building floor- the YouTube Offices, imagined by PENSON Group with a “back of stage look with some cool detailing and a film-set look and feel“, as described by interior designer Lucy Goddard. A YouTube Walk of Fame with content selected by the company and broadcast on a series of screens, a cinema room with velvet curtains and padded seats and The Creator Space (a studio which Goddard says will host YouTube film-makers when they get a certain number of hits) are just a few of the highlights characterizing the YouTube Offices in London. One of our favorite interiors is the breakout space, replicating TV character Del Boy’s living room. Check it out and tell us what you think!