Displaying a highly contemporary architecture, House V by I + GC [arquitectura] was especially developed to answer the needs of day to day family life. The brief of the project was to build a residence around a central patio, while maintaining a feeling of openness. As a result, the house consists of two originally shaped wings, partially merged to form the letter “V”. In between, a small garden reigns, allowing inhabitants to enjoy green space within the comfort of their property. The swimming pool acts as an extension of the building, which is characterized by the architects as “a fluid volume that is detached from the floor to the front turning down until fully backward lean. The work gives the feeling of movement, of a compact mass that was pulled up to the present form. This is emphasized with the longitudinal windows and unevenness in the top of the facades.” The interiors are minimalist and elegant, inspiring an overall sober feel. Unexpected lines and angles determine a visual connection with the exterior, while generous windows make this bond unbreakable.