Enchanting stories, beautiful places, the impenetrable calm and a house that stores the happy moments in life. This is one of the few perfect scenarios that cross my mind when thinking about the breathtaking Croatia with its amazing landscapes. Here we are, on the island of Krk, discovering the fascinating work of DVA Arhitekta, a vacation house, welcoming and luxurious, at the same time. Wrapped in stones, the facade is like a reflection of the natural scenery. The water and the mountains meet the horizon line and a smooth breeze of serenity floods the living area. I suppose this is how the “holiday paradise” looks like.

The upstairs living room offers some of the best views, being a fantastic spot for leisure and daydreaming. A stunning panoramic view lies in front of your eyes while you drink a cup of tea on one of the fancy sofas. The interior keeps a simple design line, with ornamental walls made of stone and with plenty of wooden details. The authentic wilderness confers a unique experience and the white colour on the walls exhales pureness and luminosity. Ideal for your summer vacation, this house, located on the Coast of Croatia is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and comfort. Ever thought of such a home vacation?