If you’re married to an architect, you’d better think twice before deciding what to do with your home. It’s a fact that they challenge their creative minds and end up transforming their personal houses into stunning residential projects worth millions. It’s the case of Angelo Morasco who decided to take a chance with his private home and add more value to it. The South Clarkson Residence is located in Denver, Colorado and it had been thought as an eco -friendly project, aiming to protect the natural resources as much as possible. After completing the house, the Morascos decided to put it up for sale! So, in case you are thinking of relocating take a good look at this jewel, worth $ 1 million. It looks like a stylish compact house, with large rectangular windows, in the middle of a tranquil neighborhood from Denver. The exterior is built from natural wood, giving you the feeling that you are looking at a contemporary project with rustic natural finishings.

The spacious house comes with glossy floors, a two in one kitchen and living room area and a noticeable lack of crowded interior design elements. As the project aims to be environmentally friendly, there are not too many useless details added for a dazzling drop of sophistication. We’re talking about a subtle beige and white furniture that highlights the natural beauty of this project: the eco light, the natural wood used in completing it, the wide angles and the amazing sight upon the neighborhood. There is also a small terrace for those who keep a track of dusk’s and dawns. So, in case you are looking for a cozy, beautiful compact house, the South Clarkson is looking for a permanent inhabitant!