Galeazzo Design sent us images and information regarding a chic apartment they recently designed in São Paulo, Brazil. According to the designers, the biggest challenge was to create a cool environment, without ostentation, yet integrating high quality and excellent design products. Located in São Paulo, this 250m² apartment was updated and pays tribute to sustainable materials like the certificated hard wood floor and an ecologic paint based on land. The walls in the hallway were replaced by a stainless steel structure with acid-etched glasses inspired by the oriental screens and a stone agate stone works as a puller. Part of the ceiling had its hight reduced in order to get xenon light. Italian design furnishings in neutral colors were used: a sofa with unbleached fabric accompanied by some sketches of the famous landscape designer Roberto Burle Marx on the wall, a couple of olive leathered armchairs, an extensible dining table in a dark hard wood and a contemporary vase by Jaime Hayon in the back. A suspended shelf with little red niches accommodates books and small objects from several regions of the world. As a central piece, Galeazzo chose a special furniture item that was painted with an Argentine technique entitled “Fileteado”. S small objects colored in matte gold complement the Zen feel of the place.