We recently received a press release from i29 Interior Architects, announcing us of their new line of second hand furniture recently launched in Amsterdam. The creative team is especially known for a project entitled recycled office, the result of the collaboration between Gummo, i29 interior architects and Krimpex. The photos in the post are part of the recycled office project, which we found particularly interesting; in order to check out the new collection, please visit the official page of the designers. Now here is an excerpt from the press release: Furnished entirely with recycled and reclaimed furniture, the office was a sensation on- and offline, so a lot of praise and a few awards later, we’ve now decided to make a range of brand new second hand furniture available to the public. It’s made in exactly the same way as everything in the award-winning office : we find old stuff we like. We fix it. We cover it with our special blend of solvent-free gray matter. Then it’s As Good As New. Now, another shared collaboration resulted in the online AsGoodAsNew shop and a pop-up shop. “Everything  in SPRMRKT’s recycled home is covered in a mat, dark grey nuance, which gives the little shop a highly conceptual look with arty vintage furniture mixing in perfectly in SPRMRKT’s high-fashion universe“, explains Nelleke Strijkers, owner of SPRMRKT.