Meet extravagance and subtle luxurious details! The residential project, Lucerne House, Auckland, New Zealand designed by Daniel Marshall Architects is the result of an ingenious plan that implied a conceptual reframing of a house. What was really curious and different about it was the insertion of  a garage which had to be concealed and included into the house’s design line. The client’s wish was to obtain that perfect mix of functional and outstanding, in order to accommodate an exquisite line of classic cars. Like the architects said:  “The brief was very specific, with garaging a number of classic cars a primary concern.” 

Having that in mind, the architects created a wide parking area, carefully masking the garage and adding a touch of personality to the residence. As you step inside, you enter a place flooded with light. In my opinion this is the optimum way of creating a joyful environment. The contemporary -classic fusion of black and white, along with the elegant line of furniture inspire comfort and fit perfectly with the client’s taste for classic design. The element of surprise is undoubtedly the chandelier, the artistic object of design that embellishes the living room. Large glossy spheres of glass hang from the ceiling, making an impression on whoever visits this place. Plenty of glass has been used for the finishing, creating a transparent and spacious environment. Nothing seems too much or too little. It’s the right amount of everything to keep those classic details rocking. Neutral and classy, the project is an outstanding home, with outstanding details of interior design.