Marcin Wielgosz, the head designer at merely , a start-up furniture firm from Poland, sent us some photos and explained what their latest project called Hocky was all about. Since it seemed so innovative and wonderful, we have decided to share it with you. Hocky is a comfortable and functional piece of furniture, made entirely of segments which once sticked together, form a comfy sofa. Otherwise, the segments have their own individual functionality, serving as armchairs. The concept aims to offer freedom, so let your imagination float: choose the colours and the fabrics and let the designers handle the rest.

Pointing on its functionality,  Hocky’s armrests transform themselves into small tables in a blink of an eye. It’s really wonderful and interesting how Hocky adapts, following the stream of your needs: no matter if you want a sofa, a small couch and an armchair or only armchairs, this object of domestic use creates endless possibilities to configure an optimal workplace. The hardwood tables support laptops, books and other stuff you need for work or leisure. Hocky is simple, functional and claims your creativity. It’s the freedom of choosing, moving, combining and testing that makes it such an interesting piece of furniture! Now that you know our opinion, how do you feel about it?