We have discovered on Office Snapshots a wonderful and colourful workspace and we are eager to share it with you. The client is a very well known advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather which has finally succeeded to create in Jakarta a playground for “big people”, supported by M Moser Associates. When it comes to advertising agencies, architects and designers think twice before starting a brainstorming on how the workplace should actually look. A previous discussion about the vision and the agency’s values is highly recommended. The clients are always strangely pretentious, expecting something fun, playful and revolutionary out of the design project. Somehow, it’s in their job description to look for an inspiring idea that transforms a dull spot into an animated place, that not only generates good ideas, but it also ends up being the constant inspiration food for “the creatives”.

After seeing the concept for Ogilvy & Mather in Jakarta, it crossed my mind that the following quote could have been the incentive for this magnificent output: ” The creative adult is the child who has survived.” The general line on which the architects “built” this iconic workspace was the playful contradiction of colours, fabrics, shapes and as a whole, the atmosphere. The “reconstruction” has started once realizing that the external sources of stress: like the traffic, the dull colours have a negative effect upon the employees. Then as a contradiction, the inside had to be a care-free spot,  tranquil and delightful. Ramesh, one of the architects, stated: “The whole idea was to create a sharp contrast to what’s outside”. The Ogilvy office in Jakarta embraces playful typography decorations, soft yellows, natural hardwood and colours. The green, the red invoke energy and passion, in order to let the employees think free and creative. The inspirational environment does nothing else but to improve the quality of work and a healthy way of mixing leisure with your job tasks.