Warm and comfortable, this small compact apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden exhales brightness. It is commonly said that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication and at a closer look, this cozy 48 square meters apartment has that chic bohemian flair widely spread among the Swedish homes. The designers managed to unveil a different perspective upon the definition of comfort. Their ability to transform a space and personalize it, in order to make it valuable and eventually, precious is the very own turning point that “lights up the flame of comfort”.

The apartment borrows the specific Scandinavian design style, putting the stakes on details: rugs, patterns and a flood of white colour that wrap the place in a pale shade of luminosity. Besides the lamps, the artificial light comes from the suspended bulbs, being probably the most simplistic form of spreading electricity, without adding “très chic” elements. We could say that we are talking about a “back to basics” effect. The white space is completed with green details and small plants that refresh the interior. The apartment doesn’t have a terrace, but it has a small balcony  with a view upon the interior courtyard. This is an amazing home, a very comfy corner ideal for one person who adores  simplicity.