Astounding architecture comes in many shapes and sizes and responds to a wide array of needs. When your garden needs a pool and garden pavilion, inspiration helps you decide the best solutions, but site-specific challenges make the results worthwhile. Take for example the Nevis Pool and Garden Pavilion in Washington DC – a contemporary garden addition that provides a threshold between the perfectly manicured man-made landscape and adjacent wilderness of the woodland. Imagined by Robert M. Gurney as a modern duo reinforcing the comfort of the main house, the pool and pavilion offer a serene environment for relaxation and entertaining.

Placed at the limit defined by mature trees, the glass and stone pavilion composes a seamless connection to the surroundings via frameless corner glass walls and five steel-framed glass doors flooding the exquisite interior with light. An enclosed dry-stacked slate wall and mahogany space topped off with a low-pitched stainless steel roof shelters an elegant display of materials and furnishings. Heated blue stone floors opposing Douglas-fir ceilings capture the warmth provided by the large Rumford fireplace, contrasting with the airiness of the surrounding geometric landscape. What would be the first thing you would do if owning this exceptional backyard?