There are many ways one can defy the “trap” of a common urban rhythm. Converting your home into a fresh and peaceful oasis is the best way to cope with daily challenges. And as we see it, nothing spells “freshness” better than nature itself. This post is about integrating plants in your home creatively, delivering a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and healthy. If you sometimes feel that your home is lacking openness or a distinct personality, perhaps these bold and elegant ideas below will trigger your need for natural decors. Enjoy!

This post is part of a content series presented by smartwater… smartwater, simplicity is delicious.

#1. Green Walls

  • Radiating a sense of calm and literally livening up their neighboring space, green walls are a daring addition to any private or commercial interior. Various patterns and shapes are available on the market, making it easy to choose the suited model. You can handle the maintenance process yourself, of hire professionals to make sure the living wall is constantly looking perfect.

#2. Sculpting Space

  • We ran across this unusual project which we believe could serve as inspiration for those of you planning a daring “green” interior from scratch. Envisioned by Sadar Vuga Architects for the The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Ljubljana, Slovenia, this symbiosis between sculptural shapes and plants delivers an intriguing visual effect.


#3. Plants-Furniture Mix

  • From all the crazy ideas presented on Freshome, two match this post perfectly. The cat-friendly table with built-in grass planter and the GardenRug are just some of the wacky ways to combine plants and furniture, with stunning results. All this, while maintaining functionality and not compromising in aesthetics. Can you think of any other designs for this combo?

#4. Natural Elements Combined

  • If you feel plants are not enough to give your home that intense fresh feel, bring on more nature! Gather pebbles, sea shells, interesting looking wood pieces and improvise original green spaces (we took inspiration from this home design). Does the idea of miniature indoor gardens spread throughout your crib seem like a challenging DIY project?

#5. Creative Planters

  • A while back we presented a fun project on Freshome entitled Green Pockets, created by designer Maruja Fuentes (photos below). But when it comes to planters, the possibilities for improvising are endless. You can find plenty of models on the market, but you can also try to envision a similar project for yourself, using interesting looking ceramic cups or creative vessels as containers.

#6.  Flowerpot Chandeliers

  • Looking for provoking designs to integrate in your home, but are not ready to make major compromises? These flowerpot chandeliers are very close to the limit of “normal”, yet they do not cross it, which makes them plain cool. Just imagine how many colors can be tucked in those planters! 

#7. Moss Floor Planters

  • If you are not a fan of green walls, then perhaps green floors will have a stronger appeal. This particular project in the photos below was displayed at an exhibition in Tokyo a while back and is a result of a collaboration between Azuma Makoto and Unitika Ltd. The unusual “carpet” would definitely make a strong statement in any interior.

#8. Pet House Planters

  • One of the coolest multi-functional designs we’ve seen so far is the pet house planter designed by the masterminds at Pousse Créative. A miniature garden and a cozy sanctuary for your pet- now that’s a great combo!

#9. Green Arrangements… Upside-Down

  • The creative team of Boskke’s came up with a seemingly gravity-defying method of integrating plants in your home. Their special planters (with a built-in irrigation system) are installed upside down, which gives them an original and intriguing appearance.

#10. Hi-Tech Click and Grow Flowerpots

  • What if you could have a lovely indoor miniature garden, without actually watering and fertilizing the plants you grow? Click and Grow is an innovative method of taking care of plants the easy way. Based on clean soil-less growing technology and sensors inside, these ingenious pots measure all the necessary parameters and dose an exact amount of water, fertilizer and air, according to the plant’s needs.