‘Attention to details’ is the concept that properly defines the Rothschild 1 apartment in Tel Aviv, designed by architect Charles Zana. Beautiful, spacious and ‘on the top of the world’, the Rothschild 1 penthouse offers some of the most spectacular views upon a city that never tires from a hectic rhythm. The large windows act like transparent gates letting you inhale the city pulse. The entire living space is wrapped in white, creating a glimpse of luminous, incandescent atmosphere. Gorgeous wooden furniture details in the most interesting and creative shapes confer a luxurious contemporary scent of ease, so let your eyes absorb the beauty that lies in details.

The columns, the paintings and the fine pieces of art take you on a museum tour. Yes, this is the type of home that can be easily mistaken with an art gallery. It’s all about details!  From the curvy kitchen chairs enriched with playful lines, to the elements of decor, everything carries you in the heart of the city where the finest artists present their masterpieces. For the abundance of art, populating this apartment, has been taking into account a palette of bright light colours, such as white and beige to emphasise the details, not the whole. Plenty of wood embellish this place where inspiration has found its shelter, serving as a contemporary refuge for the high elite bohemians with vibrant, exquisite tastes!