Demanding contemporary projects require hard work and brilliant ideas . La Dehesa House, located in the captivating country of Chile is a modern piece of fine architecture. The project, developed by the brave architecture company Elton + leniz Arquitectos Asociados , headquarted in Santiago, has been completed in 2011. La Dehesa House occupies  6.135 square feet of ground, being nothing less than imposing by its very own greatness in execution.

The project has been perceived as provocative, taking into account the large quantities of concrete and wood used for completing it. Surrounded by a green splatter of vegetation, the refreshing atmosphere is a pure delight for the senses. The front yard  is decorated with a geometric play of rectagular mazes that mix big blocks of marble with the delicate subtle shades of green grass. The home inspires a certain scent of coolness and that is definitely the result of the abundance of raw materials sprinkled all around. The use of natural elements highlight the need of man connecting to the environment. Take a look at the brick walls, the large wooden hallway at the top floor, which represents sort of a transitory area and picture yourself living there. Amazing, right?