Wandering on the Western shores of Sweden, we end up in Gothenburg where there’s this perfect cozy spot that defines the destinctive Scandinavian style.  An 85 square metres penthouse apartment located at the top floor of an old building represents the linking element between an impeccable simple design and the unexplainable Northern bohemian flair.  From the fifth floor to the top floor, there is  a stairway all wrapped in black smooth velvet, that basically carries your steps  straight to the apartment’s hallway.  The wrought iron railings mark this sublime home’s entrance  with a shade of elegance and sophistication.

Inspired by the contrasts of the  rich Scandinavian culture, this spacious 3 rooms apartment is characterized by subtle details such as: raw wood, cheerful handcrafted rugs , simple and glossy wooden floors.  The white walls and the different shades of blue create that icy atmosphere that inspires a certain need of warmth. Here is where the light interferes. The entire apartment is wrapped in light, from the white, straight lined furniture  to the basic, indispensable candles. Adding rudimentar light bulbs which simply hang from the ceiling and here’s a delicate calm and tidy surrounding. It is said that the beauty stays in the small things, so take a look at  authentic Scandinavian details and breathe it all in!