The ever changing concept of tradition reflects in architectural projects  struggling to overcome limits of all kinds. The beauty of Switzerland is captured even in the most exquisite small homes and the tranquil landscape is easily digested by architects that act like wizards, transforming a simple idea into an imposing building. Following the straight line of Swiss design, the Scheider Chalet is a project developed by tecARCHITECTURE, an architecture studio that harmonically combines sustainable ideas with hi-tech giving birth to amazing eye catching projects, such as this one.

Scheider Chalet is supposed to be a traditional Swiss home fully transformed by the power of stringent, almost mathematical straight lines. The output is a compact modern home, with outstanding pieces of futuristic furniture, all wrapped in white. In addition, the revival of this Swiss chalet works wonderfully with the breathtaking landscapes. One of the elements of surprise is definitely the main firely red hallway that guides you to the entrance. Once inside, it’s all about the large, spacious front windows, the glass balconies, the wonderfully spread plants of different shapes and sizes and basically a fully equipped space which you can call home. This contemporary residence welcomes the light and it almost feels like a truly zen spot. Just take a look at the magnificent shelter of greenery that surrounds the chalet and imagine yourself being part of this spectacle.