Located in the heart of Megève, a commune in the Rhône-Alpes region in south-eastern France, Chalet Brikell is an exceptional 12,900 square foot luxury accommodation unit developed by the creative team at Pure Concept. Here is an excerpt from the official project description provided by the designers: “Situated at the foot of the mountain, surrounded by nature, it seems to have found its natural place. Designed to precise specifications, down to the tiniest detail, it offers the rich sobriety of noble materials, the subtlety of elegant combinations, and a superbly functional space. Nothing is left to chance. Every accessory has its role to play: a breath of color, a glow of light, bespoke rugs, unique motifs. Behind this chic modernity lies a truly authentic simplicity“. Inside and out, the chalet inspires a fairytale-like atmosphere. Wood is the defining element of the interiors, contributing to a warm and cozy holiday feel, enhanced by comfortable furniture items and overall inviting decors. What vibes are you getting from the photos below?