Rustic and homey artistic patterns elaborated using no less than 30 000 bottle caps were used to decorate a small wooden home located in the Russian village of Kamarchaga, in the Siberian taiga. The owner and mastermind behind the unusual project is Olga Kostina, a Russian pensioner with a will to cross the boundaries of common rural home design. According to My Modern Met, the caps were each modified by hand in order to produce colorful and detailed mosaics. Olga placed every single bottle cap in its place herself, using a hammer and nails to permanently fix the items, and employed the macrame technique (hand woven and knit knots) to create the intricate patterns. Various woodland creatures also adorn the exterior walls of this unique building. Currently a landmark of the small village, Olga’s house is a statement of creativity and sustainability- at least this is what made us share this project further. How do you find it?