Need your room layout on paper as soon as possible? Check out the MagicPlan application, a small program which can generate the plan of a room in seconds. Simply innitiate the app from your iPhone or iPad, turn around in a circle, mark the corners and take pictures with the device’s camera. The result? A professional sketch with an accuracy of about 6 inches, which can further be exported in multiple formats. Here is more from the developers: “Solutions are available on the market to measure a house, draw floor plans and program on the web. However, the current solutions are not integrated and are complex to implement. Creating a floor plan takes time, necessitates expertise, and is often expensive. Thus, creating the floor plan of a house is still very much in the hands of professionals. MagicPlan revolutionizes the real estate market: no need for expertise, time or money.With MagicPlan, everyone can create a floor plan“. Have a look at the video below to better understand how it works and tell us if you find this application useful!