This home is the result of the owner’s needs to be better connected to “green” spaces and also increase the residence’s spaciousness. Located in Melbourne, Australia, the residence known as the Shakin Stevens House hint towards its vividness with a green front entrance door. Behind it, a contemporary display of spaces make you almost forget about the house’s Victorian heritage. Three white volumes open up towards the garden views, creating an almost seamless connection to the surroundings while shaping fluid, interacting interior spaces. Imagined  by Matt Gibson Architecture and Design as a symphony of rooms adapted to modern requirements, the house displays the inhabitant’s wish to have “a predominantly white interior with a feature highlight color“. By choosing different green tones, architects composed public and private spaces in perfect harmony with the surroundings. Featuring passive temperature regulation, insulation, eaves for solar protection or recycled timber flooring and decking, another kind of “green” comes into play to complete the amenities encapsulated in this “modern meets Victorian” villa.