Spreading over only 47 square meters of interior space but showcasing a splendid 58 square meter terrace, this compact penthouse apartment in Stockholm is perfect to be transformed into a bachelor pad. With an amazing location overlooking city blocks, the small apartment is vividly decorated, composing a relaxing space that welcomes its owner with a slightly masculine feel. A corner bookcase in the main living space steals the attention with its collection of bottles on the top shelf. Brightly lit by sunshine, the living/dining space opening to the fabulous terrace continues with a modern kitchen. Deeper into the private space spotted on Delikatissen, a grey brick wall hides the bathroom  and leads to the bedroom, where storage space surrounds the comfy bed. Lovely details throughout compose an intimate space contrasting with the spacious terrace, where simplicity reigns and a glass railing captures uninterrupted views of the urban surroundings. The large terrace makes up for the compact living space and opens out to the murmur of the streets. Perfect combination, right?