An updated small scale version of the suspended gardens of Babylon can be admired these days in Paris. French designer,  Mathieu Lehanneur developed an outstanding concept and placed it in the shelter of culture, romance and exquisiteness, the capital of eternal love. A masterpiece in terms of execution, L’Escale Numérique is the perfect example that nature and technology work well together. At a closer look, this artificially created oasis, also known as The Digital Break is a modern piece of art aiming to provide a breath of fresh air and a Wi-Fi hotspot for those who seek free Internet connection on the streets of Paris.  There’s no doubt that “the roof garden” adds a glimpse of green into the Parisian metropolis, making it for visitors even more appealing than before.

This brilliant piece of art comes with digital support information for tourists, ready to offer them guidance in a very interactive manner. This is especially helpful to the traveling business person who may be using mobile Megapath VOIP access while abroad. The small concrete chairs offer plugs for charging any kind of mobile device and the mini tables attached, serving as comfortable laptop supports. Once you have settled everything, you can start the online digital survey. The project basically supports the reshaping of the public realm and has been encouraged by one of the top leading outdoor advertising agencies, JCDecaux.