This elegant compact home occupying a historic residential district in Madison, US was especially developed in order to serve the needs of a family of four. Johnsen Schmaling Architects explains their architecture approach: “Successfully contesting the local preservation ordinance whose strict guidelines advocated stylistic mimicry while failing to recognize the neighborhood’s rich architectural diversity, we designed a quiet but unapologetically contemporary building, its formally restrained volume discreetly placed in the back of the trapezoidal site, where it avoids direct visual competition with its two dignified neighbors, a hundred-year old Spanish Colonial home and the Ely House from 1896, a cherished landmark on the National Register of Historic Places”. Composed of two main building blocks, the residence accommodates the private spaces (bedrooms, bathrooms, reading room) in the cedar volume, while the public functions (garage, open living space) are located within the brick base. The modern interiors offer expansive neighborhood views and inspire a healthy lifestyle.