Dream homes have three things in common – a design molded after the owner’s personality, comfort and site-specific architecture. The Balcony Over Bronte exemplifies this trio, opening its interiors towards the Bronte beach nearby via a carefully constructed balcony that inspired its name. Designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects, this family home in Sydney, Australia, was built on a battle axe block accessed from the street via a narrow drive. Imagined as a perfect place to enjoy a young family life, the residential construction culminates with an amazing balcony defining the top floor. Overseeing the construction, architect Corrado Palleschi and interior designer Alexandra Donohoe presented the client with an elegant collection of spaces showcasing a black and white color palette throughout. Floors are connected by a floating staircase flooded by natural light – this sculptural element constructs an inspiring dark timber/glass duo that shapes the core of the house. Social and private spaces are composed of interesting details that break the monotony of the black  and white duo, pierced by colorful furniture items for a bold overall look.