Staying true to the principles of Japanese architecture, yet adding that little extra that makes a home comfortable and welcoming, Japanese studio ALTS Design Office designed a charming family home in Shiga, Honshu Island. Kofunaki House has a total surface of 1,424 square feet and is structured on two levels. According to the designers, the concept behind the project is the connection between man and nature, a liaison that has been around since ancient times. Large windows connect the interiors with the surrounding landscape, while wood is present throughout the house, inspiring warmth. Pebbles and flower pots, ethereal curtains, cement flooring and plenty of natural light- all these elements diminish the indoor/outdoor borders. Even though the arrangements are minimalist, the design of this contemporary home turns simplicity into bliss. Every room seems especially “equipped” to offer a comfortable life, without the pretentious details most modern home owners put on display. To conclude, the Kofunaki House showcases an “honesty” that I personally love. How do you find it?