Now this is my kind of skyscraper- culture oriented, with an impressive story behind and bearing a subliminal call to acts of kindness. Currently known as Asia’s Tallest Mural, this incredible project was undertaking by German artist Hendrik Beikirch, known for his meaningful monochromatic paintings. According to the official press release, the mural presents “a local fisherman in his 60s, staring into an intangible space with his face marked with wrinkles, still wearing long plastic gloves – a sign that there are still men and women like him at this age working for a living. This dying profession entails six to seven days of work in a week, under difficult circumstances, while just receiving a minimum amount of financial support, just enough to buy certain needs.

However, despite the story behind the portrait, the painting conveys a positive message seen in the emotion shown by the fisherman. Unlike other artists, he painted this mural without using a projector or a sketch on the wall. This, in its true form, is a masterful performance and a task that requires enormous routine and outstanding precision”. Underneath the amazing skyscraper wall mural, Beikirch added a statement in Korean which translate into “Where there is no struggle, there is no strength”.