The BU Lounge design by Supermachine Studio is the architects’ answer to the problem of adapting universities to the modern lifestyle. Located inside the lower levels of a new complex at Bangkok University, the lounge design (found on Fast Co. Design) consists of a 3,000-square-foot series of study rooms and social areas, spanning two floors. According to the architects, the space is structured as follows: “Big portion of the lower floor of the lounge is what called the Reading cave. Thousand of OSB ribs form porous rooms for different forms of use, from individual reading to small group tutoring to large group discussion. In front of the cave is the Big sofa where the pixel units can be formed in several configurations for large/small crowd, formal/relaxing use.

“The space on the upper level is for more dynamic activities. It is a village for a break from study. There are 2 huts on this floor, the polka-dot pink one protruding from the edge of deck is a karaoke house and the wooden one is the music rehearsal room that can be opened in case the students would like to organize small events. Around the huts are play areas filled up with re-invented items like a super-long pool table (with adjustable holes), giant dart (which no one can miss the target), rounded pingpong table, pole dance corner, girls’ make-up counter and Kungfu style stress release area“. With such interactive fun spaces. the Bangkok University will probably have students rushing in for their programs like never before. How would you comment on the overall design of this lounge?