Protected from wind and overheating by wooden slats that also filter natural light reaching the interiors, the single-story residential structure was meant to be a second house, defined by comfort and focusing on relaxation. Found in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, the holiday home was simply named “The Shelter”, hinting towards its ability to offer a secluded retreat from urban life. Part of the portfolio of multidisciplinary KG Studio + Asociados, it floats a meter above ground, with internal spaces distributed along a central spine that reinforces the passive bioclimatic architectural criteria. A transitional space constructed of the protective wooden screens helps protect the privacy of public and intimate spaces, at the same time opening the rooms to the outside landscape, offering interrupted panoramas. Sliding doors ensure a strong connection between inside and outside, generating an alluring bond without exposing interiors to the harsh climate. Elegant in its apparent simplicity, this home proves to be an inspiring solution to location-specific conditions.