Set in the picturesque rural landscape of Langenargen, Germany, this modern farmhouse shelters family life surrounded by a blooming orchard. Designed by k_m architektur, the contemporary construction was built along with the surrounding farmstead. Generous overhangs shelter the expansive glazing of this elongated floor plan, covering the east, west and south facade. Interior living spaces are permanently exposed to natural sunlight coming from the floor-to-ceiling windows. Shaded by light curtains, the living room, dining and kitchen share the same space, interacting to create a social area exposed to outdoor panoramas. A photovoltaic system mounted on the flat roof helps reduce the energy costs, while the heating pipeline in the farm building takes on the rest of the energy demands. Slightly raised from the ground, the house appears to be floating, while the extensive use of wood defines both the interiors and the exterior, composing a warm and inviting display. There was no need for a second story, as the main spaces were cleverly compacted to shape the necessary living conditions adorned with modern details.