Chateau d’Eau is the name of a striking project envisioned by BHAM design studio and consisting of a water tower conversion in  Steenokkerzeel, Belgium. The tower was built between 1938 and 1941 and was functional until the beginning of the nineties. The works for a complete renovation and conversion into a single family house started in 2007. According to the architects, “the preservation of existing concrete elements such as the main water conduct, concrete ceilings, concrete stairs and the 250.000 liters concrete water basin were essential to preserve the strong identity of the building. Every visible concrete element inside was painted in dark grey in order to mark the old from the new. The program foresees two distinct profiles of users. The private and main user is the client, a couple living at the tower daily. Every room is equipped with the latest IT technology, domotics and the possibility to install projectors virtually anywhere on the top floor”. The unusual residence is thirty meters high and is structured on five floors. The terrace provides a great panoramic view of the nearby village.