The second Yandex Office that Za Bor Architects has designed for the Russian IT corporation in Saint-Petersburg takes everyone who sees it on a journey through a delightfully colorful suite of spaces, proving the influence of technology on modern architecture. Occupying the entire fourth floor of the building and welcoming visitors with a 200 meter long corridor, the expansive office space covers the 3,310 square meter floor plan with an interesting selection of impressive details. Extravagance was captured in the color choice, as well as the space arrangement – meeting “cells” and work areas alongside unusual objects shape a surprisingly detailed office space.

Imagined as a life-sized version of the company’s website, the office showcases oversized pixels and website elements in an extremely creative design: “As a result of this concept implementation, guests find themselves «inside» the Yandex  search service: at the reception they are met by a well-known «Search» button and a yellow arrow (an unofficial Yandex logo and a significant part of the web-site). While passing the corridors they see the familiar user name and email password input boxes, and at each step they meet symbols and icons of Yandex services, although they are not always easy to recognize as tiny pixel icons, had turned into 3D objects.” Just imagine working here – a world of internet branding compacted in real life guides your thoughts and shapes the future of the company.