Andrea Legge, Deborah Lewis and Murray Legge of art and architecture collective Legge Lewis Legge have come up with this amazing opportunity to shape contemporary gardens. Named Fractal Garden, the project aims at constructing contemporary gardens by bringing together several diamond-shaped planters. Supported by wheels, these intriguing quadrilateral polygons expose a world of modern garden customization challenging you to express your love for geometry and nature. The 21 steel planter group consists of 7 garden diamonds that come in three different versions for a spectacular cluster of possibilities. Originally designed for the 10th anniversary of The International Garden Festival in Quebec, Canada, the planters quench your thirst for informal gardening, offering a great solution for any type of garden, even rooftop displays of greenery or garden design for small terraces. These customizable tessellated examples of the way planters shape different gardens inspire more symmetric and asymmetric combinations – how would you shape your mobile garden?