Integrated in a natural forest retreat in Watermill, NY , the Watermill Houses project consists of several buildings: the main house, guest house, pool house, bunk house, and garage. The most intriguing is the glass residence (main building), which stands out due to a highly modern architecture and perfect rooftop views towards the forest and shoreline beyond. The team at 1100 Archinect further describes the project: “The living spaces on the top floor are enclosed by glass walls that enable light and air to penetrate while a screen of trees provides a sense of privacy. In contrast, the façade of the first floor, which contains the more private spaces of the house, filters light and views through heavyweight fiberglass-screened panels. Set in separate corners of the property, the glass-walled guest house and pool house echo the main house’s underlying principle: open to light, hidden by trees. The bunk house, a multi-use space that is the latest addition to the complex, is conceived as a forested retreat”. The interiors are contemporary, characterized by a high degree of openness.